Overview of Slot Machines in Luxembourg

Gambling is very present in Luxembourg. Of course, the lottery and off-track betting make the most revenue. Unsurprisingly, jackpot slot machines remain extremely popular. These games of chance attract thousands of players every year.
In Luxembourg, you can also see National Lottery game terminals in cafés and bars. However, these games with no big jackpots are a far cry from real slot machines. Moreover, they have limits. And that keeps them from being profitable. Compared to the games you see in real casinos, there’s a big difference.

The slot machines of Casino 2000

The Mondorf-les-Bains complex is the only casino in Luxembourg. That’s good news for the casino operators. In fact, they have no competition within the country’s borders. However, Luxembourgers can cross the border! Indeed, they readily go to casinos in France, Germany and Belgium.
You got to admit that the gambling halls abroad are much more impressive than the sole casino in Luxembourg. But the time it takes to drive there favours Casino 2000. That’s why the Mondorf-les-Bains casino will always be well attended.
On the other hand, when faced with the offers of a good online, Casino 2000 is no match. Indeed, you cannot play online on the Casino 2000 website.

What about the slot machine jackpots in Luxembourg?

Mondorf’s casino is like a mini Las Vegas. The one-armed bandits in the casino have jackpots that exceed €100,000. You can try to make a few extra bucks there. Or even win a really big jackpot! In short, this mythical place has everything to please fans of prime games.

Great jackpots won in Mondorf-les-Bains

The record jackpots won at Casino 2000 speak for themselves. They are in the press every time a casino visitor wins. Of course, players win pots of several thousand euros every day there. What about the huge winnings? Here is a list of them below.

January 2020€349,652
June 2016€200,000
June 2016€460,638
March 2011€686,348
May 2007€1.6 million

There’s something incredible about the two jackpots won in June 2016. It was the same person who won them!

Jackpots won in Luxembourg


Who are the winners?

In compliance with the law on data protection and online privacy, the winners’ identity is confidential. The casino’s slot machines pay out millions every month. Most winnings range from several hundred to several thousand euros.

Luck makes all the difference

Like in any casino, record winnings are rare. If you’re thinking about investing some money at the casino in the hope of making a fortune, be careful! Indeed, to win big, luck is the only thing that counts. Just like in the Lotto, only a handful of participants win. But that doesn’t stop players from having a good time on slots.

Big jackpot slot titles

The Luxembourg casino has nearly ten slot machines with big jackpots. The titles of the most successful slots are:

  • and FIREBALL.

These three slot machines can pay out over €100’000. The exciting thing about them is that their jackpots are constantly increasing until there is a winner. This is the very principle of progressive slot machines. This type of game is what attracts casino lovers looking for big jackpots the most.

Taking advantage of online jackpot slots

The local offers in Luxembourg are good, but they have limits. That’s why slot machine fans travel abroad to bet on slots. But the biggest selection is on the Net. In addition, there are plenty of extras. Take for example: 80 free spins on the Mega Moolah.
Get a chance to win a fortune (+ € 1 million) with an exclusive 100% free spin on a slot machine at Casino Classic, which is open in Luxembourg.

Huge pots on slots

In fact, the jackpots of online slot machines display huge amounts. Just by looking at the highest paying online slot machines, you can see why casino sites are so successful.

Try your luck at an online casino

You can win big time by trying your luck at an online casino. Indeed, good casino sites with millions of customers have big jackpots at stake. What’s the best thing about online casinos? They offer free welcome bonuses. All in all, you can win huge amounts of money with online casinos. In addition, you can get rewards through bonus programs.