French Roulette Online

Fans of classic games often search the Internet for French roulette. Available at live online casinos, you can play the 36-number wheel in front of live dealers.

Available live at legendary online casinos, you cannot play French roulette electronically without a dealer. And in this area, it’s fair to say that online casino operators have kept the original spirit of the legendary roulette wheel alive and well.

French Roulette

Live games at real money online casinos offer a genuine immersion into the world of blackjack and roulette.

You can play the most popular roulette variants – American and European – online, as if you were in the finest gambling palaces.

Electronic roulette

At online casinos in Luxembourg and around the world, you can play the most popular games electronically. These games use software that’s integrated into the casino website. Unfortunately, no online casino features electronic French roulette. The only possible alternative is via live games integrated into online casinos.

Play roulette on the Web

Some online casino sites are well designed for French roulette. According to the most competent testers, the most successful of all is the online casino Gaming Club. Designed to run smoothly on Windows and Mac, as well as tablets and cell phones, Gaming Club immerses you in the glamorous world of table top gaming.

French Roulette odds

French roulette has a Zero rule that sets it apart from other casino roulettes.

What’s so special about this rule?
When you lose an outside bet, and the Zero pocket is the winning number, you can recover the lost bet. To do this, simply wait for the next round, and if your bet wins, you can recover the losing bet. Depending on your preferences, you can also recover half the losing bet without having to try your luck again in the next round. This special and advantageous rule does not apply to American and European roulettes.

It’s worth noting that the English version of roulette also has a special Zero rule. In English roulette, half of the losing bets are recovered on outside bets when Zero is the winning number.

Popularity of French Roulette

French casino roulette is not well known among players outside France. In fact, this version of the game is generally only available in major French casinos. However, some online casinos offer roulette from France exclusively live.

French Roulette free games and tests

French roulette is not available in free mode at real-money online casinos. However, websites such as Gaming Club allow you to watch what’s happening at the French roulette tables. It’s amusing to see how other players place their chips at the tables.

Winning strategies

French roulette attracts players who use winning betting strategies. Their favourite strategies are outside bets.

Would you like to learn some winning casino strategies? If so, we recommend that you check out the pages on the website Roulette School. You’ll discover tips on the best ways to play roulette and come out a winner.

Live Internet Game Providers

Online casino operators rely on third-party vendors to supply their gaming room catalogs. When it comes to live roulette games, two highly regarded companies are competitors on the Internet: Evolution Gaming and On Air Entertainment.

On Luxembourg casino sites, you’ll get access to the best offers on the market by registering with online casinos affiliated with On Air Entertainment. Since On Air games are better designed to fit all screen sizes, they definitely stand out from the crowd. Not least because all the company’s games are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. Indeed, over two-thirds of online roulette players use their cell phones to play.