King Millions Slot Machines

The King Millions online slots are progressive jackpot games that were launched in May 2023. The first release in the series was 9 Masks of Fire, created by GameBurger Studios.

Currently, the King Millions collection includes 5 slot machines with different themes. These recent progressive slots by Games Global are already quite popular.


The big draw card in the King Millions slot machine collection is the bonus wheel. You can win from 7 to 100 times your bet on this jackpot wheel, as well as two progressive jackpots. These jackpots, the MAJOR and GRAND, start at 1 million and 2 million euros respectively.

In addition to the prizes available on the common slot bonus wheel, you can win massive prizes on the King Millions non-progressive basic versions. For example, you can win 2,000 times your bet on 9 Masks of Fire.

King Millions Jackpot Funding

The two King Millions bonus wheel jackpots are funded by 4.5% of the players’ bets. Therefore, the jackpots can reach historic heights.

When one of the jackpots is won, it resets to 1 million for the MAJOR, and 2 million for the GRAND.

Bets and odds of winning big

Playable for less than a dollar a spin, the King Millions games are affordable for all budgets. And no matter how much you bet, every spin is a chance to win one of the two million-dollar jackpots available.

If you opt for the Hyper Strike title in the series, you can try your luck for just 20 cents a spin. With €20, you get 100 spins and 100 chances to win a huge jackpot.

As with all progressive jackpot slots, the higher your bets, the greater your chances of winning the big prizes. King Millions slots such as Hyper Strike feature max bets of €120 per spin.

Whether you bet small or big, you can win millions. However, the jackpot bonus wheel appears more often with big bets on every spin of the game – which is the way to go if you want to increase your chances of landing one of the life-changing jackpots.

Play King Millions

Provided by Games Global, the King Millions series is available on many casino sites. Among them, JACKPOT CITY is one of the best. This award-winning Luxembourg game room is well known to jackpot hunters.

Guides and Tips

Although the King Millions slots are fairly new, dedicated guides for these games are already available on the Internet.

One guide to the KING games is particularly well done – this site is King Millions Games. All the titles in the series are reviewed in this guide. Furthermore, you get access to exclusive news, such as record wins, as well as tips on how to boost your chances of winning big.

Games Global

The Games Global platform brings together some forty casino game publishers. This platform supplies games to hundreds of casino sites worldwide. Among Games Global’s most popular games, slot machines top the list.

With its focus on innovation, the Games Global group is one of the leading players in the virtual casino industry. To date, the King Millions games are the company’s most recent innovation.

King Millions Conclusion

The King Millions slots are among the most innovative progressive video slots on the web. Not only can you win jackpots worth thousands of times your bet on these recent games, but there are also two million-dollar jackpots up for grabs.

Compared to other games such as the  Mega Moolah slot machine, a hit title, the King Millions concept is unique in the world.