Mega Moolah – Slot Machine Review

If you’ve come to this page because you’re interested in the Mega Moolah slot machine, you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, our team has reviewed this well-known jackpot game. You’ve got to admit that this slot machine has become a main attraction in the world of virtual casinos. It’s therefore logical that players want to know it better.

A video slot available in Luxembourg

The most serious online casinos in Luxembourg feature this game. In compliance with European Laws, this slot from the British Microgaming group meets market requirements. That’s good news if you live in Luxembourg and intend to play on this slot machine. Indeed, this slot machine is legal, and more importantly, you are guaranteed an honest and verified game. The game’s provider, Microgaming, is dedicated to producing fair games. This is one of the major reasons for the Mega Moolah’s success. Moreover, the slot is only available at reliable and verified online casinos.


Mega Moolah online casinos

Only in Luxembourg is the slot machine featured on the legendary Grand Mondial Casino site. This online casino is one of the most popular worldwide when it comes to progressive slots.
Other casinos are also worth mentioning, such as Casino Action and the well known Luxury Casino.

Mega Moolah – € 1 million minimum guaranteed jackpot

The Mega Moolah’s mega pot starts at 1 million every time a player hits the winning combination. Therefore, every lucky player who hits the Mega Moolah’s winning combination becomes a millionaire. But things get interesting when the slot’s super jackpot reaches several million euros. Every time a player bets coins on the Mega Moolah, the super jackpot increases! To feed the jackpot, the percentage from every bet is 8.8%. This rate significantly increases the jackpot. Moreover, the casino only takes a percentage of 3.08% (its profit). That’s reasonable for slot machines that pay as well as conventional slots.

A jackpot that’s reaching new heights

When there are no winners for several weeks in a row on the Mega Moolah, the jackpot reaches impressive heights. That’s why players have already managed to win several millions on this slot. Some players have even managed to pocket over 10 million.

Mega Moolah – An Audited Slot Machine

The Mega Moolah progressive slot is obviously not the only one on the online market. But it remains the most popular worldwide and is the most profitable. Moreover, commissions regularly audit this famous jackpot game. Just by looking at the reviews posted on official slot guides, you can see that the slot is constantly being audited. In fact, this game is as verified as the slot machines in Europe’s largest land-based casinos.

Free spins and bonus offers

One of the Mega Moolah’s attractions is that every new player gets welcome spins and bonuses. This kind of offer is available at serious virtual casinos such as Grand Mondial for example. Moreover, these offers are affordable. You can try your luck starting at €10. Out of all the Mega Moolah offers we have tested, the one at Grand Mondial is really the best. It’s a great offer to try and win at an online casino without taking too many risks.

Grand Mondial casino’s offer

With this online casino, you can wager 150 25-cent coins on the Mega Moolah slot by making a €10 deposit. It’s as if the casino was giving you €27.50 (150 X €0.25 bonus – the €10 deposit = €27.50 free). According to the terms and conditions of this offer on the Grand Mondial website, it offers chances to win the jackpot for over one million. It’s clearly offers like this one that make the Mega Moolah a favourite among players looking for big jackpots. If you’re one of those players and would like to increase your chances of winning on the Mega Moolah, then you should check out the guide Mega Moolah One. This guide is one of the best in the industry to get to know the Mega Moolah.

A very popular game in Europe

Launched in 2006, this game has been a success since day one. Naturally, its jackpots have attracted a lot of attention. With over thirty players a year who manage to win the jackpot, the Mega Moolah slot machine is kind of like the lottery. Clearly, this game is not as profitable as the EuroMillions, but it’s still the one that pays out the most money at European online casinos.

Mega Moolah - Slot machine with a big progressive jackpot
Of course, every player has the same chances to win on the Mega Moolah. This game featured at the best online casinos in Luxembourg is programmed with a random number generator. Mathematically speaking, the more you play, the greater your chances of winning. That doesn’t prevent occasional players from winning the jackpot by only playing once in a while. As a matter of fact, amateur players win the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot every year. In short, any player can hit the jackpot on this popular slot machine developed by Microgaming. To try to do so, just play it at least once.