WowPot Slot Machine Series by Microgaming

Microgaming, the provider of the Mega Moolah games, has now introduced the new WowPot slot machine series. These new games have a progressive pot that’s double the size of the Mega Moolah’s. For the record, Mega Moolah slots are progressive games that have a guaranteed minimum progressive pot of one million. With the WowPot games in Luxembourg, the grand jackpot starts at €2 million.

Huge progressive pots to win

WowPot slot machines are unique for having bonus wheels with a +€2 million first prize. The pot starts at €2 million and keeps growing thanks to all the players’ bets. A fraction of all the bets goes into the WowPot bonus wheel pots.

WowPot wheels have four different common pots.

The WowPot is the largest pot. Then, there’s the Major segment with a pot of over €50,000. However, the two smaller pots are not as attractive since they are seeded with jackpots that start at €10 and €100.

Microgaming and WowPot

Microgaming, the leading award-winning virtual casino company in Europe, hit it big with the launch of the WowPot slots series in 2020. Indeed, the publisher also runs the Mega Moolah slots, progressive games that pay out millions. With the new progressive WowPot slots, the concept is the same, but much bigger.

7 WowPot slots

With seven WowPot games launched to date, Microgaming is now offering progressive slots that have the potential to pay out millions of euros to the luckiest players. The most iconic slot in the new series is Wheel of Wishes.

To discover the other games in the series, the best thing to do is to sign up at a casino site with all the WowPot games. A good site to go to is Jackpot City.

However, if you want to learn more about the different versions of the series before signing up at an online casino, you should consult a specialized guide. To our knowledge, the most reliable guide in this field is Mega Moolah One. This guide has reviewed all the WowPot slots.

A +2 million jackpot all the time

WowPot slot machines work like regular video slots, but with bonus wheels. These wheels have four different pots that are spread over the different segments of the wheels. To win the WowPot wheel prizes, the wheel must activate during the game. For that, each slot in the series activates the wheel according to specific winning combinations.

The four pots available in the WowPot games are:

  • The +€2 million WowPot,
  • The + €50,000 Major pot,
  • The + €100 Minor pot,
  • The + €10 Mini pot.

Play at online casinos in Luxembourg

WowPot slot machines are featured at some of the best online casinos. All the casino sites that are affiliated with Microgaming may not have the WowPot games.

One WowPot online casino that stands out from the rest is Jackpot City. It’s one of the most reliable and serious casinos in Luxembourg. In addition, it has welcome bonuses that are good on WowPot slot machines.

Jackpot City Casino Review

Jackpot City is a very serious site. Online since 1998, and registered in Europe, it fully complies with the laws of Luxembourg. Many Luxembourgers sign up on this site.
Players from Europe and Luxembourg have won record jackpots on progressive slots at Jackpot City.

Big winners in Europe

On the Mega Moolah slots alone, a Belgian player won over €19.43 million. There are also WowPot winners! Indeed, slot fans have won millions of euros on both the WowPot slots and the Mega Moolah series.

WowPot games in your currency

The WowPot slot machines are playable in over twenty different currencies. In Europe, these games obviously use euros. The games automatically adapt to the player’s currency. However, not all online casinos feature a multi-currency system. If your casino does not have your country’s currency, that’s not a problem. Generally, if your casino has only euros or dollars as a default, you can still play there.

WowPot in Luxembourg global review

The new WowPot slot series is an absolute success. Indeed, no other casino game publisher has ever done anything like this before. With seven different games in the series, Microgaming has proven its talents in Luxembourg.

According to industry experts, the WowPot slots will become more successful than the Mega Moolah slots, which are massively popular. The Mega Moolah is unique in the progressive slot market. As we look ahead to the next decade, we can safely conclude that Microgaming’s big jackpot games will be a favourite among players. Indeed, both the Mega Moolah and WowPot slot series belong to Microgaming.